Radio Frequency Identification


:: What is RFID

  • RFID stands for Radio-Frequency Identification.
  • It is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects within a range of 1ft to 20 ft depending on the frequency of the device.

:: Benifits of RFID

  • Increases efficiency.
  • Reduces data entry errors
  • Frees up staff to perform more value-added functions, such as providing customer service.

:: Areas of Application

The most common applications are :

  • payment systems (Mobile Speed pass and toll collection systems, for instance).
  • Used in Access control and asset tracking.
  • To track goods within their supply chain, to work in process and for other applications.
  • In the postal environment to enable improved item tracking during the sorting and delivery processes.
  • In the Pharmaceutical industry to empower safe and secure supply and administration of pharmaceuticals.
  • Used in many libraries to automate the issue and return of books, videos and CDs and to give real-time visibility for library inventory.

:: What we can offer

  • Turn key solutions to suit your needs for establishing Automated identification systems in people, product,processes and materials.
  • Aid you in appropriately identifying various components like tag ,frequency etc to suit your needs.

:: Our client lists including prospects

  • We are the ‘preferred vendor’ & strategic alliance with Patni, HK systems, Satyam & other leading solutions partners to offer global service in this segment.
  • We have the capability & skill set required to service all & any industry requiring solutions in the area of Automated Identification using RFID Technology.

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