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:: Software Development:

City Gurus Inc core business revolves around the project development service. We develop all phases of the software development for our clients. We strive to provide a total solution to our clients by being able to solve their software development needs.

Our project teams consist of highly skilled technical project managers, system architects and experienced software developers who also understand our underlying business goals. We provide consulting services in all of the following phases of software development:

  • Requirements study
  • Analysis and design
  • Application development
  • Quality assurance
  • User training
  • Support and maintenance
  • Website Designing

:: Website Design & Development:

Web Designing is essential for any web business. We work with you to understand your business requirements, analyze you needs, design and develop customizable, scalable, maintainable and robust applications.

We are expertise in all latest web technologies, for building secure, high quality and low cost solutions. In order to achieve this, we are promoting open source technologies like PHP, MySQL, Java etc; our web sites are error-free, as we thoroughly check them to avoid any shortcomings. We provide easy-to use interface, and ensure that search engines find your site easily.

  • Attractive Design Static design is no more in fashion, the modern user has millions of web-sites to choose from, so his attention must be caught by an original design. We enhance your site with quick loading animated gifs and sophisticated Flash movies. Each page of your web site will be designed to be consistent with your company's identity.
  • Usability Our designers and programmers work together to design web pages that load quickly and please the eye. Surveys show that if a page does not load within 30 seconds the user leaves it. To avoid this problem we thoroughly check the site's organizational structure and apply graphic optimization.
  • Web Programming We provide complete and affordable web design solutions for clients both large and small. Some of our areas of expertise are:
  • HTML, DHTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and AJAX.
  • MySql and Oracle databases.
  • Complete graphic design and multimedia production.
  • Navigation menus, personalization, and visitor tracking.
  • Shopping carts, chat rooms, auctions, and classifieds.

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