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System Integration Services

We are part of 'System Integrators' clan of MetaMatrix

:: About MetaMatrix

  • Global leader in providing Information Management Software enabling Government and large size Organization, effective use of their data.

:: MetaMatrix offer Solutions in areas like

  • Access data from disparate data sources and recieve them in the form they need.
  • Reduce the Application Development & Integration costs, effectively resolving difference between data from various sources & consistency.
  • True interoperability among software process and application.
  • MetaMatrix solutions ensure ' regulatory compliance ' & 'risk management' initiatives of financial services companies.
  • MetaMatrix is being used across globe, to aggregate customer data from a variety of systems into a " single view of the customer". This in turn enables improved ' customer service ' & ' cross-selling ' opportunities
  • Share critical information required to improve intelligence & logistics among different Govt. agencies.
  • Improve operational efficiency.
  • Improve the accuracy of 'security trading' applications by providing consistent reference data about securities.

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