Telecommunications and Broadcast operators play one of the most important roles in our society. Its facilities comprise the physical foundations for industrial and commercial activity, which are essential for economic growth. It creates quicker reaction times and facilitates the exchange of information globally, thus promoting better awareness of society and the human condition. When communication and broadcast facilities go off-line not only are day-to-day communications halted for its users but critical services such as ambulance, fire, and police resources and responses are also compromised.

Telecommunication and Broadcasting facilities are vulnerable to electrical noise, lightning induced surges, and transients caused by switching components. Building on extensive experience, Citi Gurus Inc models grounding systems based on soil resistivity reports and site surveys, either supplied by the client or produced by Citi Gurus Inc's engineering department, and ensures each grounding system meets Motorola R56 requirements. By protecting valuable instrumentation with the most modern methods, our lightning protection, surge suppression and grounding implementations assure that vital facility operations remain functional in spite of severe conditions. Malvi Telecommunications & Broadcasting Solutions aim to:

  • Help ensure continuous delivery of essential services
  • Protect reputation, maintain competitive posture
  • Protect critical facilities, equipment, records, assets
  • Provide safe working environment for personnel
  • Reduce vulnerability of interdependent critical infrastructures
  • Build a disaster resilient enterprise


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Information Technology systems play a major role in enabling business strategy and in achieving an organization's business goals. Correspondingly, staffing and resource allocation have become critical business issues at most corporations, large and small alike.

Is your organization looking for solutions to business problems such as lack of trained resources, delayed executions, inability to keep up with rapid technological changes or labor shortages?

We are a top-notch IT Staffing Firm and can provide solutions to all your staffing and resource issues through unsurpassed service, rapid turnaround and cost-competitive services.

Our clients rely on us for the following essential services. ·Contract Staffing ·Contract-to-Permanent

These services are provided across all technical skill sets. We have been able to service our customers' requirements nationwide through access to a very large talent pool including locally available consultants. Our consultants can be located Onsite or Offsite. They can also be located at our / your offshore development center at significant cost savings.

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